Campus Map

There are two campuses for Meisei University, Hino and Ome, both in the western part of Metropolitan Tokyo. Hino campus has an area of 270,000 square meters while the space for Ome campus is 820,000 square meters. There are four faculties at Hino campus and two at Ome campus with extensive sporting facilities at each of the campuses.

campus map

(1) Administration Building
Admission Center (4F), Student Center (2F), Career Center (1F)
(2)Building No. 28
Library, Cafeteria
(3)Building (Daigaku Kaikan) No. 22
Bookstore, Cafeteria
(4) Building No. 27
School of Humanities, School of Economics, School of Information Science
(5) Building No. 11
Qualification, Schoolteaching
(6) Building No. 23
International Studies Center
(7) Building No. 26
Information Science Research Center
(8) Building No. 29
(9) Building No. 30
(10)Shakespeare Hall
(12) Building for Club Activities
(13) Baseball Field, Tennis Courts
(14) Star Way
(15) Chuo Daigaku-Meisei Daigaku Station (Tama Monorail)