Library & Lincoln Center

The University Library

Hino Campus

In spring 2007, the university library was renovated and an atrium lobby added. It has 3 floors with about 100,000 books and about 100 computer terminals which enable students to access further information.
Many students use not only books, but also DVDs , newspapers and magazines.

Shakespeare collection

The University Library has valuable rare book collections, including several earliest editions of William Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, James Milton, Jonathan Swift, Johan Wilhelm Goethe, John Keats, William Blake, etc. The Shakespeare collection is remarkable. The University Library presently has a collection of 20,000 volumes with the core being a substantial number of books acquired from the Folger Shakespeare Library, the largest Shakespeare research library in the world.
The collection includes 10 First Folios, the standard text for Shakespeare’s dramas published in 1623, more than at the British Museum. Quarto volumes of the scripts for the dramas published during Shakespeare’s life time, Professor Jiro Ozu’s extensive collection, various modern and contemporary editions of his work, and various research documents. Thus far, three volumes of Shakespeare and Shakespeareans have been published, an annotated listing of individual volumes and editions in the collection.

Tokyo Lincoln Center

Also at the University Library, there is the Tokyo Lincoln Center with a valuable collection of documents and memorabilia related to the remarkable America President.