Information Science Research Center

The information Science Research Center was opened in 1983 with the objective of making all the latest computer technology available to students. All the freshmen students are obliged to take a basic computer course.

This center has woven together three terms, “Widely”, “Deeply”, and “Friendly”, to form its slogan and characterize its activities. To be more specific, while “Widely” conveys the meaning of connecting the world through the Internet, “Deeply” refers to pursuing knowledge using the most up to date information environment, and “Friendly” implies the promotion of education and research using computers via a free and non-threatening environment. In keeping with the slogan, the information Science Research Center is equipped with the latest information devices (about 1,000 computers) and disseminates information promptly in order to provide faculty and students with an educational environment conducive to diversified information science research. It also seeks to create a research environment that will promote high-level specified scientific research and establish the kind of solid information network environment required for significant scientific research.