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University - industry-public relations projects at Meisei University is open

The main mission of universities generally is to provide education and research. Universities also provide the result of their research as a contribution to society in order to make further progress, which is another of university’s important roles. For Meisei University, this contribution is especially important, and we reflect it in our educational goal that is “to foster human resources to achieve self-fulfillment and contribute to society”.

In April 2009, the “Collaborative Research Centre“ was established with the merging of the Material Science Research Center and the promotional office of university-industry-government relations. The aim is to expand university-industry-public relation projects in a strategic way to stimulate our education and research activities and contribute to society proactively for further innovation.

Policy for collaborative research at Meisei University

1. Based on the educational goals of Meisei University, the university promotes university-industry-public relations projects proactively and passes on the results as a contribution to society.
2. The university provides information of our research activities to society and also increases the social value of our research through the creation of intellectual property.
3. The university promotes experience based education and research activities utilizing our center facilities to vitalize its education and research.
4. For the setting forward of collaborative research of university-industry-public relations, the university fulfils our social accountability by ensuring transparency and obeying the university’s regulations and both national and international laws.

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Division of university-industry-public relations

- Inquiries on collaborative research and intellectual property and general inquiries
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Division of comprehensive analysis and research

- Inquiries into the facilities of the Collaborative Research Center
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