Program in Physics

The main theme of study is the wonder of our natural world.
Through discovery and understanding of the principals and laws of the world,
we can contribute to developing technology and science

Purpose of the discipline

Newton’s law of gravitation, Einstein’s theory of general relativity, and Hubble’s Big Bang theory of the origin of our universe are all achievements in physics. The natural world has various phenomena and many of its mechanisms are still unexplained. To discover and clarify these mechanisms is the mission of physics. Through these efforts and achievements, space theory, atomic and elementary particles, electricity and electrons were discovered and applied, and then new technologies including mobile phone technology have been created. Students understand such achievements through a series of various experiments. The aim of the program is to nurture students to gain an ability to explain using a scientific approach and contributing to tomorrow’s technology and science.


  • A variety of experimental sessions that find answers
  • Final year students belong to a particular research group and pursue a selected field deeply.
  • Opportunities to obtain a qualification of a radiation protection supervisor

As physics targets all of natural phenomena, the curriculum is designed with as many selective subjects as possible to satisfy the curiosity of each student. With our motto of truly understanding, many hands-on sessions that students learn through experiences are provided. This enhances the synergistic effect from class-room lectures and experience based learning. Using the advantage of an astronomical observatory at campus, the university also emphasizes teaching and research in astronomy and astrophysics. In 2009, Professor Katsuhiko Sato joined our faculty, who is world famous as the founder of inflationary cosmology, which solves outstanding issues in the Big Bang theory. This has greatly enriched lectures related to astrophysics.