School of Science and Engineering

Science field that opens the future
and engineering field are integrated into one school

There is a reason that science and engineering, usually held as separate fields, are integrated into one school.

Science is the pursuit of explaining the fundamentals of nature. Engineering applies the outcomes of these pursuits into technologies that are useful in society. Both fields complete each other, rather than being closed academic fields. That’s why the School of Science and Engineering was established.

Learning science while thinking about engineering possibilities and learning engineering underpinned by the results of science enables a fusion of the two fields that allows a leap forward for both.

In April 2010, the School was renewed with one integrated department consisting of programs in physics, life science and chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, architecture and environment and ecology. These 6 fields were previously independent departments.

The new department is called the Department of Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering. After studying an introductory program blending science and engineering, students choose their major. Students can enjoy dynamism of learning each field of science and engineering.