School of Psychology

Practical curriculum to gain perspectives in understanding humans in a scientific way.
Wide range of opportunities, including a pathway to the graduate school to become a certified clinical psychologist

Purpose of the discipline

The difference between psychology and fortune-telling or mind games is that psychology is a science. Science has a rule of no assertion without evidence. Psychology is a science that explores human and “mind” with a basis of proof, collecting evidence from the activities of observation, experimentation, testing, investigation and interviews. The psychological perspective to “understand humans scientifically” is not only the basic techniques such as psychological testing or counselling conducted at schools or clinical facilities, but also a foundation to face issues involving people that arise in our society every day. The program aims to foster students to be a flexible, adaptable person to live independently in today’s changing society, with a practical knowledge of psychology based on scientific thinking and a well-balanced sense of humanity.


First and second year students acquire the basic knowledge and techniques of psychology and then refer that to various specific fields through small sized classes and practical lessons. From the third year study, students belong to a small sized study group and study deeply about their major. Our curriculum is structured systematically to learn a wide range of psychology, meets the criteria of program by the Japanese Psychological Association. This means that students can obtain a qualification of JPA Certified Psychologist by taking this program and submitting an application form upon completion of the program. The graduate school of psychology is also available for students who wish to extend their study to be a professional in psychology under the in-school priority admission system. Students who finish a clinical psychology program at graduate school are eligible to take the examination of certified clinical psychologist.