School of Humanities

Multi-discipline school concerned with human behaviour
Increased sense of interdisciplinary union with new programs

Trying to nurture skills and abilities that contribute to a next generation society by utilizing the fruits of human activities, a person who is both multidisciplinary well-educated would be ideal to do the task.

This is neither human studies, literature or cultural studies. This is humanities. As the name suggests, the mission of the School of Humanities is to provide education and research exceeding the boundary of academic fields. Knowledge and intellect that you obtain through our program, interacting with the expertise of the program, can develop the power to support society. In April 2010, the school opened a new department, Department of Social Work. In addition, the Department of Psychology was renewed with enhanced expertise and the Department of Japanese and Comparative Culture was joined.

There are 5 departments including the Department of International Students and the Department of Sociology and Human Welfare. The school will start a new approach whereby some subjects are available for students across all departments, so that students have more opportunities to learn in a wider range of academic fields.