Department of Sociology and Human Welfare

Focus on a society surrounding people
including families, schools, welfare, the nations…
and revealing problems and issues

Purpose of the discipline

A group of people form a society. This includes small scale societies such as families and local communities, to large scale societies such as nations and the world. The role of sociology is to focus on the structures and movements of society that people have created and phenomena and issues that influence human life, then to figure out these mechanisms. Our subject of research is all about the societies that we belong to such as families, local communities, schools, companies, media, social psychology, and youth culture. Students gain skills to recognize the current situation of a subject and analyse it with a scientific approach.


There are 2 core fields of the curriculum; “research on modern societies” to analyse and consider movement and trends of modern society and “research on social relationships” to analyse and consider our society along the life cycle of modern people. The curriculum is enriched with fieldwork to visit and investigate societies. Through these activities, students have opportunities to obtain the professional qualification of Social Researcher. As students progress through their years of study, a wide range of study fields are available such as medias, social psychology, and international society to broaden students’ perspectives. Within the theme of humans and society, students make continuing efforts in fieldwork, research social phenomena through various angles and understand the reality of modern society. Occasionally we invite staffs from NPOs or people who organize citizen’s movement for lectures or discussions with students. These sessions enable students to know about what is actually happening in the real world.