Graduate School

Graduate Schools of Meisei University

Graduate Schools are the place for exploring a particular area deeply through highly advanced education based on undergraduate education. It is not only to learn well-known perceptions and techniques but also gaining the experience to create and find your own perceptions and techniques. Graduate Schools of Meisei University consist of 6 courses from Graduate School of Science and Engineering, 2 courses from Graduate School of Humanities, 1 course from Graduate School of Information Science, 1 course from Graduate School of Economics, 1 course from Graduate School of Education and 1 course from Graduate School of Psychology. All courses cover a wide range of research areas. We are open and welcoming to international students. Many of our undergraduate students go to our Graduate Schools to seek becoming a specialist with high expertise.

Features of each graduate school( Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Humanities, Graduate school of Information Science, Graduate School of Economics, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Psychology)

・Graduate School of Science and Engineering

The graduate school aims to nurture students to gain the skills required to undertake roles in creative research and development fields and contribute to both Japanese and International society from a science and technology point of view, through learning and researching theories and applications in highly specialized areas.

・Graduate School of Humanities

Humanity and culture are our research futures. The graduate school has been recognized as an education and research institute that produces highly advanced specialists, this has been highlighted as a challenge of our graduate school recently. The graduate school aims to provide research opportunities and education to increase the value of the students’ problem consciousness based on the knowledge they gain.

・Graduate School of Information Science

With the rapid progress of Information Technology, some traditional business models don’t work anymore and produce another issues. In this situation, our graduate school has set the subject of our education and research as Managerial Informatics, which fuses engineering fields and business administration fields with information.

・Graduate School of Economics

With rapid, sophisticated and specialized changes occurring in the industry, the graduate school aims to nurture students with highly specialized knowledge that the current business world is seeking. The graduate School removes the traditional borders between economics, business administration and commerce to blends these fields organically. We lead students to allow them to utilize their knowledge effectively in their own field.

・Graduate School of Education

The Graduate School of Education offers advanced level of education and research, based on undergraduate studies.
Highly qualified researchers, educators and teaching license holders are in great demand in the field of education, and the Graduate School of Education aims to meet those needs.
In the doctoral program, courses are structured to allow students to obtain an Advanced Certificate in various subjects.

・Graduate School of Psychology

We offer master’s and doctoral courses for students to become practitioners and researchers in the field of psychology. In our two-year master’s course, students conduct their research for master’s thesis in one of the various areas of psychology. Also, students can participate in practicums at several fields such as schools and hospitals to satisfy certified requirements to receive qualification as “Certified Public Psychologist” and/or “Certified Clinical Psychologist.” In our three-year doctoral course, students conduct advanced research and write a doctoral thesis to become a professional researcher.