School of Education

Opportunities to obtain a teaching qualification at elementary school, kindergarten, day-care center, and 8 subjects at secondary education.
Proactive curriculum to produce ideal teachers for the near-future

A reform of the education system has progressed to make a smooth transition to the next level of education, such as ; the unification of kindergarten and day-care center to lower the barriers in between ; making a partnership between elementary school and junior high school to achieve a continued education ; and the unified junior and senior secondary school programs.

It is obvious that universities, who have the role of training school teachers, need to dedicate themselves to a new approach that looks toward future education system. In April 2010, Meisei University opened the School of Education, which provides a forward looking program that produces ideal teachers in the new system and environment.

With our performance and teaching know-how of training elementary school teachers for over 40 years, we offer multi-tiered curriculums which encompass secondary education, special needs education, and early childhood education, as well as elementary education. The highly-acclaimed “School of Education at Meisei“ is enhanced by this new system which enables students to obtain several qualifications at once.