School of Economics

When you see the economy, you understand the society

Purpose of the discipline

The purpose of this discipline is to cultivate a way of thinking to utilize within our future society, by focusing on deciphering the problems and issues happening in an international economic society, looking at distribution economics, law and commerce as well.

The features include a learning opportunity of specialized subjects at an earlier stage, small-sized seminar style lectures, lectures to lead directly acquiring a qualification, and business English lessons that only our department offers at our university. For all of us who are living in the economic society, thinking about the future through learning the economics leads us to understand the structure of society and contribute to making a better society.


1. A wide range of selective subjects gives you flexibility of choosing a learning field

A number of subjects are applied as selective subjects so that you can learn a broad range of Economics in accordance with your interest through the entire four years of study. The featured subjects include “practical business English” that focuses on useful expressions and “special lecture on careers” that leads directly to you acquiring a qualification.

2. Several model courses to help setting your goal

Several model courses are shown for those who hesitate to choose subjects from a wide range of selection. This helps students to select a highly applicable curriculum in accordance with their interest and future goal. The decision of selection is not required to be made before enrolment so you have time to choose what is most suitable for you while studying.

3. Learn business on an experience basis in a small-sized class

Small-sized seminar style lectures are available from the first year study. The subjects of “basic of the economy” and “independence and experience 2” help you to gain a communication skill to be independent as a university student and the economics way of thinking. Those skills are lead to “basic of career development” that start at the second year of study.