School of Design

Practice-oriented lectures that leads you to the future

The conventional design education in Japan has taken up most of its time to teach techniques of Monozukuri (making) in particular fields.

However, it is not such a narrow scope of expertise that is truly in demand by society and many business enterprises.

What is demanded are the power to create new ideas for our future and to present these ideas in a clear manner with a sense of beauty and techniques of producing, as well as the ability to implement the project in cooperation with others.

In our newly upcoming school of design, students learn solid basics of design and techniques of expression and processing at an early stage of studying and then follow the “visual design course” and/or the “living design course” from the second year of study. By developing and applying their obtained basic knowledge and techniques in the seven levels of subject named “planning and expression practice” commencing from the first year of study and continuing through to the fourth year of study, students build skills that will be truly in demand by society.

We will provide various subjects including “design business” looking ahead to career development. In April 2015, a new building primarily for the school of design will be established, featuring a further enriched environment for our new design education with large display spaces, presentation facilities, and digital studios. This place also enables the design students to deepen friendships with students from our other six schools, which is one of the merits of studying at our university.

With your “power of authentic design”, you will be in demand by various fields, not only design-related fields but also planning, sales, retails, and even manufacturing. Through studying our brand new curriculum of the school of design at Meisei University, we hope for you to become a capable person in any field.

Secret of our new school

This is the perfect method of meide

What is “design = planning x expression”…!? Here is the secret of our new school. The most fulfilling curriculum ever and a fascinating campus life are waiting for you!!

What is the “authentic design”?

To “design” is not just to think about forms and colors. It is to think about a new potential relationship among humans, facts, and things and then present it specifically. To achieve this, you need a “planning skill” to analyse an issue and build a plan to solve the issue, and an “expressive skill” to beautifully form and deliver the plan to people precisely. “Planning skill” x “expressive skill” makes the “power of authentic design”.

Four-year study to learn the “authentic design”

Four-year study to learn the “authentic design”

- Planning and expression subjects

These subjects are essential parts of this curriculum. There are seven levels commencing at the first semester of the first year of study and continuing through to the first semester of the fourth year of study, that ensure you will build and develop planning skills, presentation skills, and communication skills thoroughly.

- Technical subjects

Students learn the way of expressing images and techniques of producing, as well as acquiring aesthetic formation skills from an earlier stage of study through subjects such as “basic practical session for expression”, “practical session for material processing”, and “practical session for computer expression”.

- Six majors in two courses

There are three major fields in the “visual design course” and the “living design course” each. Students are able to choose a different field by semester if they want. There are some opportunities to do collaborative works with students from other schools in Meisei University, which is one of the merits of studying at our university.

- Careers / business subjects

Students are able to look at their future career through subjects providing lectures by professionals from various industries, internship programs, and design business subjects explaining how business works in modern society.

These are the deciding factors! Five features of meide

- No drawing submission is required at admissions

You are not required to submit your drawings at admissions. The most important things are the skills of thinking and telling your dream. You will be able to learn essential skills of “drawing” and “producing” at our lectures.

- Choose your major after entering the university

Students learn basics of design during the first semester of the first year of study together and then choose a major at the subsequent second semester. This curriculum structure enables you to broaden your perspectives and feel a wide possibility of design and then learn your interesting major field.

- Lecturers including professional career development advisors!

Lineup of lecturers has been substantially reformed to implement the ever new curriculum. Innovative lecturers including cutting-edge designers and professional career development advisers committed to helping develop your career are waiting for you!

- Latest and fulfilling educational environment

When the new building mainly for the school of design is completed in 2015, a suitable environment for our new design education will be in place. The building has some large educational facilities including a library with 900,000 books approximately, an information center, and studios, which is one of merits of studying at our university.

- Campus life at Meisei University

There are plenty of club activities giving you chances to meet and spend time together with students from other schools of the University. There are several cafes and convenience stores on campus. Enjoy the campus life in such a fully-equipped environment.

“Authentic design” opens your future!

Here are just examples. Challenge various industries with your “planning skill” and “expressive skill” !

- Project design and planning

A job to create a project and draw the road map. This role is in demand in any industries, for example manufacturing, distribution, food services, and entertainment.

- Publicity and PR

A job to approach media to deliver information about a company or commodity to the public

- Designer

Shining with your sense of beauty and creativity in various fields with products, fashions, websites, or graphics

- Sales and retails

Making an appeal about products or services to business enterprises or consumers using your skills of presentation and communication

- Mass media

This industry delivers information to the public through media including TVs, radios, newspapers, or magazines. The jobs in this industry can be a broadcast producer, engineer, editor, etc.