School of Business Administration

Practice-oriented lectures that leads you to the future

A wide range of practice-oriented lectures including a freshman camp for first year students and an entrepreneurial challenge starting at the second year of study.

Purpose of the discipline

Business administration is to study about a company that is a foundation of the modern society. We provide you with not only lectures to teach the basic and the entire picture of business administration but also opportunities to refine your skills in this expertized field, which is chosen in accordance with your aptitude and interest from the following three courses; “starting a business and strategies”, “marketing” or “qualification in business administration”.

The main feature of all the courses is to enable you to obtain hands-on experiences in a company, including by an internship program in a wide range of industry and business types. Our aim is to develop human resources who enable to demonstrate their ability well and contribute to society after graduation, by understanding theories and know-hows of the management through their own experiences.


1. Visit a company to experience a structure of business administration

We provide a thorough practice-oriented curriculum throughout the four years of study. Second, third and final year students participate in not only our university festival but also events in a local community. Under the same circumstance as entrepreneurs, students set up their own business and open up a shop as a part of the curriculum and experience what business administration is. Concurrently, the knowledge is deepened in classroom lectures.

2. Enhance basic academic skills in a small-sized class

We provide opportunities to enhance basic academic skills on the axis of Japanese and mathematics. We also provide a small-sized class lecture with 10 to 15 students so that lecturers and students are able to communicate closely while studying. This learning method enables you to improve your communication and presentation skills that are required in the future.

3. hoice from three courses that helps to decide your future pathway

We systematize and divide a broad field of business administration into three courses; “starting a business and strategies”, “marketing” and “qualification in business administration” for the second year study onward. You can learn effectively in accordance with your career aspiration. We provide learning opportunities to deal with a front-line business by not only our lecturers but also entrepreneurs and investors whom we invite as a guest lecturer.

You can watch a video of introducing our department. (filmed in 2011)