Japan Student Services Organization offers Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students. If you are interested in the Scholarship, please fill in enclosed
papers and submit at the Student Affairs Office.

【Graduate Student】
- Candidates should be:
1) privately-financed international students who are enrolled at graduate level, or
2) privately-financed international students who are enrolled as research students with bachelor’s degree, engaging in research activities equivalent to one at graduate school level.
-  Scholarship Amount: 65,000 Yen per month

【Undergraduate Student】
- Candidates should be privately-financed international students who are enrolled at one of the university faculties as regular students.
- Scholarship Amount: 48,000 Yen per month

〈Application Conditions〉
i) Students who have financial difficulties in completing their studies in spite of excellence in academic learning and fine character,
ii) who receive 90,000 Yen or less on average per month as an allowance from the sponsor and
iii) whose total amount of other scholarship(s), etc. per month is less than the amount of the Scholarship provided per month, and
iv) the annual income of the candidate’s provider in Japan is less than 5 million Yen.

〈Application Deadline〉
April 25, 2014, Friday at 17:00 The application should be submitted to the Student Affairs Office.
*Please contact the Student Affairs Office for more details.

【Student Affairs Office】
phone number:042-591-5039