President's Message

Tomohiro Ohashi
Meisei University

Utilizing all of our intellectual properties, human resource and research results,
the highly-acclaimed “School of Education at Meisei“ supports all efforts of students to be independent

Meisei University was established in 1964 with a mission of “fostering students to achieve self-realization and become people dedicated to society”, as a higher education institution of Meisei Gakuen whose philosophy from its establishment was “to foster students to become people dedicated to the world under a philosophy of harmony”. This kind of person can’t just be fostered by the knowledge through studying alone. It is also necessary to gain the ability to get things done and the judgement to find, address and solve problems. These abilities will be fostered when you face the actual issues. To help students to achieve this, Meisei University follows the 3 educational visions of Meisei Gakuen;

1. Provide education which carefully nurtures students by personality contact

“Personality contact” means to communicate to students from the heart, utilizing all of our personality. We make a solid and mindful relationship with students.

2. Provides education which improves the power of the mind by concentrating the minds efforts on thinking

Superficial education without ingenuity is denied by a mind concentrating on thinking. We provide education full of ingenuity to nurture a rich and virile sprit.

3. Provide practical education which encourages students to carry out

We foster students to gain an ability to carry out and achieve goals through practical sessions cooperating with the society. This is the origin of the highly-acclaimed “School of Education at Meisei“.

In 2010, we have improved practical education in all programs, including “internship program” of the school of education, which works with schools closely, and “project” of School of Science and Engineering, which is available as an independent subject. Also, to make the most use of having correspondence courses, they are available for students on campus. Students who enrolled in April 2010 and onwards have a chance to obtain a teaching qualification regardless of the school to which students belong.
Education for Meisei University is our reason for existence as a university and the backbone to our continuance. We even think that research, which is another role of a university, should return the benefits to education.
To give a supportive push to students who are about to start their life independently is also our role as an educational institution. We, the highly-acclaimed “School of Education at Meisei“, create opportunities of a new path for students.