Program in Mechanical Engineering

Experience based sessions “PROJECT” are now fully in action.
You design and manufacture products and participate in off-campus competitions.
Create the future of manufacturing!

Purpose of the discipline

Automobiles, which have led the way for Japan as a technology oriented nation, are seen as achievements of mechanical engineering. Japan is continuously the world’s leading country in the manufacturing of small sized vehicles which utilize low-fuel consumption technology, hybrid vehicles which reduce environmental burdens and chassis technology which increases safety. Robot technology that supports production sites is also one of Japan’s specialities. Expectations have also been raised towards robots working at welfare, entertainment and disaster assistance sites. It should not be forgotten that the technology of production, especially technology in mechanical engineering has contributed to Japan, a country of few natural resources, obtaining today’s position as an advanced developed country. Mechanical engineering is required to remain as a core technology in Japan. Developing the technology of production means that it is also very important to develop human resources. The aim of the program is to foster engineers for the new era, who are able to inherit, research and develop the technology of mechanical engineering.


  • Learn with a cutting edged CAD system (CATIA) that is used by world class manufacturers
  • Wide range of projects including a formula car or a robot of your own making
  • Enriched experience based sessions for all year students

The cutting-edge and world’s standard CAD/CAM/CAE system has been introduced, that shows the virtual life cycle of products from design to manufacturing and maintenance. With our curriculum enhancing technology acquisition through all year studies, students have opportunities to obtain CAD techniques which are a high demand from companies. We also provide hands-on sessions of welding, disassembling and assembling engines, and “PROJECT”s targeting off-campus competitions. Students have opportunities to participate in many kinds of competitions with a formula car, a robot, or a hot-air engine of own making with your classmates.