Program in Electrical Engineering

The era of all-electric has come!
Nurture professional engineers in electric and electronics fields,
that is the near future energy and core technology

Purpose of the discipline

Electricity is an essential utility in our living life. In the near future, it is expected that electricity will become a main energy resource heralded by the arrival of the era of electric vehicles and a prevalence of an environmentally responsible stable electric supply system such as solar energy generation and household fuel cells. The program is designed to fuse together electrical engineering which contributes to a variety of utilities including electricity supply, medical services, transport and information systems and electronic engineering as a basic technology for all industries and as a future-minded new technology making full use of circuits and controls. The aim of the program is to nurture mature engineers who play an important role in various fields including information, communication, energy, and electronics.


  • Unique curriculum enables students to easily understand complicated contents
  • Students can understand the invisible attributes of electricity
  • Opportunity to obtain a qualification including electric chief engineer

The curriculum is designed to provide hands-on sessions mixed timely with classroom lectures from the first year education which enable students to understand the “invisible attributes of electricity”. For second and third year students, there are many options for core subjects and applied field subjects. Students are able to gain a fundamental knowledge of both hardware and software. We also provide hands-on sessions including programming or design of microcomputers. The curriculum supports obtaining a qualification electric chief engineer, chief telecommunications engineer, and electric work specialist, and assisting in preparing work-ready skills after graduation. The university also owns advanced research facilities such as clean rooms that are playing an important role in our experiments and hands-on experience session.