Program in Architecture

With standpoints of design and construction,
students can learn not only the building of structures
but also interior design and landscaping

Purpose of the discipline

The three most important components of living are food, clothing and housing. The mission of architecture is to strive after the creation and provision of housing and its ambient environment. For this mission, architecture has acknowledged issues in our life and repeatedly suggested the solutions. Today, we are facing issues such as falling birthrates, aging populations, an advanced information society, environmental issues, and regeneration of local communities and these issues require solutions from an architecture point of view. The program aims to foster specialists who are able to deal with not only accessible and universal design, but also various demands related to relaxation, communal living, health and security through the creation of building and living environments.


  • Students can learn about comprehensively about architecture facets such as design, building structure and construction.
  • Opportunity to obtain specialized knowledge of interior design and renewal design.
  • Opportunity for group hands-on sessions
  • Students can obtain eligibility for admission to the examination to be a registered architect. (first class architect *, second class architect and wooden structure architect) *to be a first class architect, 2 years work experience is required after graduation.

The program offers two fields; “planning, design and environment” which is mainly for learning plans, design, and history of buildings is focused on obtaining knowledge and techniques effectively, and “materials, structure and construction” for learning about components of buildings. Both are enriched with hands-on sessions. A wide range of subjects are available, including experiments in wooden structure, designing and drawing. We have enhanced landscaping subjects that make the most of our large campus. Also for a job opportunity related to interior design, the program offers subjects to foster perspectives on caring and relaxation.