Department of Social Work

To achieve a universal society,
to foster social workers with practical skills and
produce social welfare professionals who will play an important role in local society and business

Purpose of the discipline

Commonly students that learned social welfare at university obtained a job at a welfare institution after graduation. However, as provisions for an aging society and emotional disorder have progressed and more people with disabilities enter the workforce, the need for people with knowledge and skills in welfare has been increasing in many fields today. To respond to this situation, the program fosters 1) “social welfare experts” such as people who can provide child-raising assistance or nursing care at home or within local communities, who can support or provide care to workers with disabilities at the office or who are interested in manufacturing tools or machines for people with disabilities and 2) “social welfare professionals” such as people who obtain a national qualification of Social Worker or Psychiatric Social Worker, and work at a welfare institution with skills of networking, development, and coordination in a local community.

The program offers a unique curriculum that brings in economics, engineering, and study of disabilities. The aim of the program is to foster social welfare experts or professionals that can contribute to local society and also expect students themselves to be confident and to satisfy their life.


The department provides 3 programs; 1) Practical Social Work, 2) Social Worker and 3) Psychiatric Social Worker, which enable students to choose a major in accordance with their career pathway and goals. All first year students take practical lessons to investigate needs and pursue the solutions in welfare fields at the Tama area in Tokyo where the university is located. From the second year, students study in the program chosen as a major. In the program of “Practical Social Work”, students target obtaining several practical qualifications with the purpose of being a social work expert with full awareness of welfare. Students also have opportunities to gain skills to use their knowledge of welfare through internship programs at a welfare institution or company in the Tama area. The program of “Social Worker” and “Psychiatric Social Worker” offers a curriculum to become a social welfare professional with highly practical skills. Students are challenged to obtain the qualification after graduation utilizing plenty of practical lesson opportunities. Successful students can obtain several qualifications.