Graduate School of Information Science

  • Information Science

Our education and research system is enriched with computer graphics, artificial intelligence and complex fields to create information. This is reflected by computer sciences ranging from computer architecture to software engineering. In addition, the graduate school provides a curriculum that enables students to learn management science and accounting by managerial informatics. To do this, we have more teaching staff relative to the number of students. Many of our professors have experience working at a company or research institution, and are currently working in the front lines of their fields. Students who have completed the third year of study are eligible to enrol into the graduate school. Please note that our graduate school seeks students who are practical and have the ability to work under their own initiative, not just those who wish to take lectures. We also welcome working people to learn with us as part-time students. If these students enrol as full-time students at a later stage, the subjects previously taken will be credited. Another role of ours is to provide a flexible learning system to support recurrent education for working people and advanced research to meet their demands.

Research fields

The world is now amidst the information revolution. All activities in our society, including control techniques in technology and organization, have been reorganized under the banner of information sciences. Responding to this movement, the graduate school researches how to produce and utilize useful information on the mechanisms of highly-motivated human activities as well as on the hardware that manages information. Managerial informatics, which fuses engineering fields and business administration fields with information is also a subject of our education and research