Graduate School of Humanities

  • British and American Literature
  • Sociology
  • Psychology

The graduate school provides 3 courses; British and American Literature, Sociology and Psychology.
Our social reality is facing complicated and rapid changes. In this situation the role of researchers is to watch the conflicts within a society and the people living within it, realize the changes academically, and then respond with intellectual honesty.
The graduate school aims to provide research opportunities and education to increase the value of the students’ problem consciousness based on the knowledge they gain.

Research fields

Research fields cover a wide range, including literature, sociology and psychology to view “society”, “culture” and “people” from many angles.
British and American Literature students study languages and literature centered on Britain and America, and cultural presentations and productivities related to the study, with a comparative research point of view.
Sociology students have opportunities to do cross-disciplinary study with individual social science area including family, education, urban & local community and industry & labour, and social welfare area including living analysis, social security, children, disability and aged people.
Applicants for the graduate program in psychology need to choose (1) a psychology course or (2) a clinical psychology course on their application form. In the general psychology course, students research the basics of psychology under the mentorship of teaching staff who are specialized in various fields, such as the brain and mind (neuropsychology), perception and cognition, learning, development and education.
In the clinical psychology course, students research clinical psychology to gain the basic techniques of conducting a practice and write a master thesis.