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Education is the discipline that covers a wide range of fields from thought and philosophy in education, curriculums, methods, and systems through to the teaching skills and techniques of each subject, with profound contents in every field. In order to solve recent issues related to education such as bullying or physical punishment, these issues need to be addressed both interdisciplinary and empirically while captivating the phenomenon around the education from many aspects. We offer an a program for training educational providers from both theoretical and practical point of views, whose aim is to develop a human resource of researchers who can address challenges in education sincerely and educational providers who have an abundance of knowledge in education.

About the program

1. Deepen your essential skills and knowledge of education under a wide variety of professors In this program, professors are assembled from a wide variety of expertise such as educational philosopy, (histroy of) educational thought, and educational history, which are essential fields for a reserch in education. Our professors commit to enhancing the students’ skills and knowledge in these fields, so that students can research their own subject in depth. As the number of graduate students who left an educational or nursing workplace to become a researcher and also the number of overseas students from China, South Korea and other countries has been increasing recently, discussions in the classroom have become more exicting and active.

2. Our acknowleged teaching methods are directly connected to educational institutions Our professors have a strong connection with educational institutions and their expertise include educational contents and methods, lifelong learning including distance learning, early childhood education and childcare ranging from kindergarten, childcare center to parenting support, education for children with special needs looking at their vocational independence, and seeking clinical pedagogy based on sensibility education. Such leading experts in each field teach the role and methods of practical research.

3. Distance education is also available that many working persons are studying This program has a distance education course available as well. Over 60 working students are broadening their foundation of practical research in education. Many of these students work at an educational institution. However, our students are not only teachers but also clinical nurses, public health nurses, childcare workers, therapists, caseworkers, librarians, counsellors and so on, with a wide variety of career backgrounds.