Graduate School of Economics

Applied Economics

The Graduate School of Economics aims to foster students to be able to think and judge naturally based on the idea of a “global standard”. Before reaching that point, students are required to acquire specialized knowledge and considerable skill at a practical level. Modern society seeks company owners, business persons and specialists in economics and business administration who have such knowledge and skill, furthermore, a sense of global standard that can solve problems and issues with a worldwide perspective. The school offers practical curriculums that enable students to acquire such a series of skills.

Research fields

As the name of “applied economics” suggests, we remove the traditional borders between economics, business administration and commerce to forge a master’s program that organically blends these three fields. In particular, we set macroeconomics, microeconomics and econometrics as core subjects. We are proud that this follows the global standard and is our own unique and revolutionary approach. In addition, students choose applied subjects in accordance with their own interests. We provide a curriculum specializing in strategically important subjects such as entrepreneurial venture theory, intellectual productivity management theory, international marketing development theory, business plan theory and applied monetary economics theory. Students have the opportunity to learn the knowledge required for their desired career in a systematic manner.