Department of Education

“Learning with experiences in real-world teaching situations”
Obtain teaching qualifications of both elementary education and other levels of education simultaneously through innovative curriculums

Purpose of the discipline

The momentum to review curriculums at elementary education and junior secondary education has been increasing as a result of pedagogy and psychology-based investigations and research. Some local governments have announced a change to the school system of compulsory education to the 4-3-2 years from the current 6-3 years, with no school districts setting, for the purpose of achieving a continuous education. In response to this trend, the university opened this department in April 2010. With a base curriculum on pedagogy and teaching qualification at elementary schools, students also have opportunities to obtain a teaching qualification at day-care center, kindergarten, junior high school, high school, or special-needs school. The aim of the program is to foster school teachers and children’s nurses who will lead the future of education.


There are 4 programs modelled in accordance with the interest and career design of students. 1) Elementary education <teaching qualification at elementary school and kindergarten> 2) subject specialist <teaching qualification at elementary school, and Japanese, mathematics, social science including geography, history and civics, science, music, arts, physical education or English at secondary level> 3) special -needs school <teaching qualification at elementary school , kindergarten, and special-needs school> 4) children clinical <teaching qualification at day-care center, kindergarten, and elementary school>. All programs feature curriculums that link between on-campus education and real-world teaching situations. For instance, our “education internship programs” are collaborated by the local educational boards and welfare institutions and students visit a facility to do activities utilizing their specialities and future goals. In “nursing seminars” or “teaching qualification seminars”, local nursing and teaching staff are invited to our campus where both the guests and students can examine current issues related to education or raising children, together. Third year students belong to a small sized study group, in which 1 lecturer teaches about 15 students. Students learn to solve problems and foster their research abilities during their practical experiences at schools.