Department of Economics

Approach the nature of the issues of International finance, welfare, education and environment which influence our lives.
“Economy” provides the clues to solving them!

Purpose of the discipline

We consume goods and use services in our daily life. The processes of producing, distributing and consuming are the cycle of economy. Goods are not only products or materials you can see. Education is categorized into a service industry for instance. Speaking of economy, corporate activities often get paid the most attention however we are in fact living in the economy. Consideration of the future leads to an understanding of the mechanism of society and contributes to the improvement of society. The department aims to foster pioneers in a society by focusing on economy showing complicated growth in the computerized international finance and by following the progress of developments in law and commercial science.


Seminar style small class are available for the first and second year students. In this kind of class, 1 lecturer looks after about 20 students to provide empathetic and profound lectures. We show some program models, such as industrial economy, international economics, and comprehensive policy that suggest to students the appropriate learning towards future goals. The program also provides lectures to support obtaining a qualification of an official business skill test in book-keeping for the first and second year students, and a qualification of a financial planner and a certified social insurance and labour consultant for the third and fourth year students, which all are recently popular qualifications. As all these lectures are credit subjects, this enables students to develop career skills effectively during the four years of study.